In Residence at Mount Tremper with TELE-Violet Theater

@Mount Tremper Arts

[written by Shonni Enelow, directed by Katherine Brook, composed by  Taylor Brook]


6/04 3:00 PM

Broad Statements, presented by the Rhythm Method

@Red Studio

[works by Kate Soper]


6/03 8:00 PM

TAK premieres The Young Son

@St. Peter's Church, Chelsea

[world premiere by William Ralph Pearson; featuring Andy Kozar, Jeff Gavett, Meaghan Burke]


5/11 7:00 PM

Chance and Circumstance, presented by Ensemble Pamplemousse

@Jack Space

[works by Sam Pluta, Erin Gee, Kate Soper, and Charlotte Mundy]


5/05 7:00 PM

TAK Guests at Tenth Intervention

@National Sawdust

[works by Kate Soper ]


5/02 8:00 PM

Music by the Composers of Columbia University's Undergraduates

@Lerner Hall, Columbia University

[world premiere by Zak Hap, Jasper Hussong, Connor Duke, Gabriel Soileau, Benjamin Huevel, Sharon Hurvitz, Andrea Hueck, Ary Betesh ]


4/06 8:00 PM

Niente/Forte Festival

@Tulane University

[world premiere by David Bird and works by Lewis Nielson, Erin Gee, Taylor Brook, Natacha Diels]

4/05 8:00 PM

Niente/Forte Festival

@Tulane University

[works by Mendel Lee, Maxwell Dulaney, and some TAK favorites]


4/04 8:00 PM

University of New Orleans

@University of New Orleans

[works by students of University of New Orleans]

2/25 8:00 PM

Columbia Composers

@DiMenna Center for Classical Music

[works by Emily Praetorious, Katherine Balch, Vicente Hasen Atria, Sky Macklay]

1/27 8:00 PM



[works by John Rot, Luciano Leite Barbosa, Erin Gee, Bryan Jacobs]

1/13 8:00 PM

i/o Fest

@Williams College

[works by Jacob Walls, Kate Soper, David Bird, Taylor Brook, Tyshawn Sorey, Erin Gee]