TAK is a quintet that delivers energetic and virtuosic performances of contemporary classical music. The ambitious ensemble “impresses with the organicity of their sound, their dynamism and virtuosity — and, well, just a dash of IDGAF as they slay the thorniest material like it’s nothing” (Q2 Music). Dedicated to the commissioning of new works and direct collaboration with composers and other artists, TAK promotes ambitious programming at the highest level, fostering engagement both within the contemporary music community and the artistic community at large. Their debut album “Ecstatic Music: TAK plays Taylor Brook” was released by New Focus Recordings in September 2016, to critical acclaim; it was featured as Q2 Music’s Album of the Week by WQXR, and was listed in the Top 10 Classical Albums of 2016 by The Boston Globe, which praised the “young, fearless players… fluid grace and confidence.”


Recent engagements include a multi-week run of “The Power of Emotion” with TELE-violet Theater at Abrons Art Center; a collaborative commissioning project with Montreal-based percussion quartet, Architek; the release of TAK’s second album Sanctuary with Mario Diaz de Leon on Denovali Records which was recommended by the New York Times and I Care If You Listen; a premiere performance of “21st Century Sound Stories,” an evening of contemporary music and theater by Qubit and director Josh Gelb; and working with institutions such as from Columbia University, New York University, The new York Philharmonic Very young Composers, and the Juilliard Music Advancement Program. 

Upcoming projects include performances at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., Cluster Festival in Winnipeg, Look and Listen Festival in NYC; residencies at Stanford University, Cornell University, Saint Cloud State University, Boston University, and the Delian Academy; releasing a recording of works by Natacha Diels, Taylor Brook, Tyshawn Sorey, Ann Cleare, Ashkan Behzadi, and David Bird; and commissioning works from Michelle Lou, Eric Wubbels, Jessie Marino, and Julien Malaussena. 

 General Contact: Contact@TAKensemble.com
Laura Cocks, Executive director: Laura@takensemble.com

TAK is (from left to right): Carlos Cordiero, Laura Cocks, Ellery Trafford, Marina Kifferstein, and Charlotte Mundy



P  R  O  G  R  A  M  S



C  E  N  T  I  L  O  Q  U  Y

- Tyshawn Sorey -
flute, contrabass clarinet

- Alex Mincek-
bass clarinet and percussion

Only the words themselves mean what they say
- Kate Soper -
soprano and flute

The Tempest (A Masque)
- John Zorn -
flute, clarinet, percussion

Ecsatic Music
- Taylor Brook -
violin, percussion

Series Imposture
- David Bird - 
soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion



E  D U  C  A  T  I  O  N   /   W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P S

TAK is dedicated to working with young composers, and has collaborated with a number of university composition programs, including: Oberlin  Conservatory, New York University, Tulane University, New Orleans University, Williams College, the New York Philharmonic Very Young Composers program, Juilliard Music Advancement Program, and with the graduate and undergraduates programs of Columbia University.

We have several educational offerings as independent events or in conjunction with public performances:

•Workshops and masterclasses for composers and performers on contemporary repertoire and techniques

•Seminars on entrepreneurship and professional development

•Residencies with universities to showcase student composers and build their bodies of work 

•Custom-made programs to match institution-specific needs



P  R  E  S  S


"New York new-music chamber ensemble TAK pins down the musical magical realism of emerging composer Taylor Brook. These young, fearless players navigate Brook’s mechanized instruments and alternate tunings with fluid grace and confidence." (the Boston Globe)

"My first encounter with TAK Ensemble quite took my breath away. This intrepid quintet...impresses with the organicity of their sound, their dynamism and virtuosity — and, well, just a dash of IDGAF as they slay the thorniest material like it’s nothing.... As titillating and irresistible a band as we have on the new music scene today." (Q2 Music)

"he TAK Ensemble plays with great discipline and sensitivity...Diaz de Leon could scarcely ask for a more faithful set of collaborators than the TAK Ensemble." (I Care If You Listen)

"The edgy electronic timbres can serve a range of compositional functions: contrasting dramatically with the purity of a soprano’s sound, in one moment, before finding, in the bass clarinet, a partner in grain." (the New York Times)

"TAK Ensemble blended synthetic sounds in restless strands of ever-shifting color and vigor" (Feast of Music)

"Haunting" (Vice's Creator's Project)

"Sound porn" (Buzzfeed)

"deeply thought out and replete with paradoxes...bands of magical realism stripe Ecstatic Music as well, and the players perform with the fearlessness that Brook’s music requires...sensual and unsettling" (Q2 Music, Album of the Week)



V I D E O   &   R  E C O R  D I N G

TAK ensemble plays Idolum by Taylor Brook—captured in 3D audio by Hooke Audio

TAK ensemble plays Series Imposture by David Bird



Ecstatic Music: TAK plays Brook

New Focus Recordings:

September 2016

Track Listing:

Ecstatic Music


Five Weather Reports


Mario Diaz de Leon and TAK ensemble


Denovali Records

September 2017


Track Listing: 

1. Blades of Light 

2. Balance 

3. Heart Cave 

4. Seraph Synapse 

5. Sanctuary 

6. Tongues of Fire 



C  O  M  M  I  S  S  I  O  N  E  D    R  E  P  E  R  T  O  I  R  E

•Vicente Hansen Atria - cache (cache) (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, accordion, trumpet, and soprano
•Doug Balliett - The Albertine Workout (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Ashkan Behzadi - Romance de la luna, luna (2013)
•Ashkan Behzadi - Love, Crystal, and Stone (2018)
•David Bird - SERIES IMPOSTURE (2012)
    flute, clarinet, percussion, soprano
•David Bird - Descartes and the Clockwork Girl (2017)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano, and optional percussion quartet
•David Bird - Lonleyhearts (2018)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, and soprano/actor
•Myriam Bleau - Separation/space (2017)
    for nine players
•Taylor Brook - Five Weather Reports (2014)
    soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, electronics
•Taylor Brook - Idolum (2014)
    flute, violin, two guitar machines
•Taylor Brook - Amalgam (2015)
    soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, percussion
•Taylor Brook - The Power of Emotion (2014-16)
    flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, soprano
•Taylor Brook - Pulses (2017)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano, and percussion quartet
•Isaiah Ceccarelli - A Song About Saint Edward the Confessor (2017)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano, and percussion quartet
•Eliska Cilkova - No-Ha, Noise of the Human Art (2014)
    flute, clarinet, violin, soprano
•Mario Diaz De Leon - Sanctuary (2015-16)
    flute, clarinet, percussion, soprano, electronics
•Natacha Diels - The Colors Don’t Match (2014-15)
    piccolo, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano, electronics
•Jesse Diener-Bennett - Seven for Two (2013)
    soprano, percussion
•William Dougherty - Intimate Sounds (2014)
    clarinet, violin, cello, soprano
•Aaron Einbond - Graphology (2015)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, and solo cello
•Aaron Einbond - Hidden in Plain Sight (2018)
    clarinet, percussion, cello, soprano, and baritone

•Petter Ekman - What if I... (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano•Erin Gee - Mouthpiece 28 (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Bára Gísladóttir - Suzuki Baleno (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Alec Hall - The House of Influence (2018)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano, baritone, two dancers
•Haukur Þór Harðarson - Détachment (2016)
flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Bryan Jacobs - Low Loud Low Lout (2014)
    violin, percussion, accordion
•Finnur Karlsson - From the Filter (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Marina Kifferstein - The Master of Such Moments (2016)
    soprano and violin
•Michelle Lou - *new work* (2019)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, and soprano
•Sky Macklay - Six Years Six Days (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Julien Malaussena- *new work* (2020)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, and soprano
•Jessie Marino- *new work* (2019)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, and soprano
•Lewis Nielson - Super Flumina Babylonis (2015)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Sam Pluta - Escape Strategies (2014)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, electronics
•Marek Poliks - hull. not continent (2014)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, electric guitar
•Emily Praetorious - Being. Pulse. Etude. Maybe. (2016)
    flute, violin, percussion, soprano
•Matthew Ricketts - Ms. Speaker (2013-15)
    soprano, flute, clarinet, violin
•John Rot - merely to open her mouth (2015)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, soprano
•Halldór Smárason - 1972 (2014)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, electronics, chess players
•Tyshawn Sorey - Ornations (2014)
     flute, contra-bass clarinet
•Lucié Vitkova - Related (2016)
    flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, and soprano



P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  S

- Download high-resolution photographs here -

Photograph by David Bird

Photograph by David Bird

Photograph by David Bird

Photograph by David Bird

Photograph by Leslie Bird

Photograph by Finnur Karlson