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TAK’s seventh season is all about commissioning large-scale works from composers we truly, madly, deeply believe in.

From mind-mangling synergy and physiological drama, from utopian communities and foreboding shifting landscapes, to odd containers and new structures—we are ecstatic to be highlighting new commissions from Michelle Lou, DM R, Eric Wubbels, Bethany Younge, Brandon Lopez, Julien Malaussena, and Taylor Brook!

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We can’t wait to share these new works with you! And the best part is, we need your help! We’re launching our first-ever real fundraiser to support the commissioning, production, and documentation of these new works.


FYI: Fractured Atlas is our fiscal sponsor—they help us to make your donation 100% tax-deductible! When you donate to us, you’ll donate through their platform!


Audio credits: Bethany Younge - Oxygen and Reality, Laura Cocks / Taylor Brook - Five Weather Reports, TAK / Michelle Lou - Heart/Lung, Gnarwhallaby / DM R - Conticinio, Sound Icon / Julien Malaussena - Ateliers modulables:


Atelier E, Fanny Vicens & Jean-Étienne Sotty / Eric Wubbels - the Children of Fire Come Looking for Fire, Josh Modney & Eric Wubbels / Brandon Lopez - Gruppo, Brandon Lopez / closing music by Natacha Diels - The Colors Don’t Match, TAK


We are boundlessly grateful for all support in any form!

Funds will be allocated toward enhancing composer commissioning fees, renting beautiful venues for premieres, documentation of new works, production miscellany like percussion and electronic cartage, and paying performers a fair and living wage.

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$14+: receive one digital token of affection of your choosing & a personalized thank you

$28+: receive three digital tokens of affection of your choosing & a personalized thank you

$49+: receive five digital tokens of affection of your choosing & a personalized thank you

$98+: receive all seven digital tokens of affection of your choosing & a personalized thank you

$140+: receive a custom-made token of affection and a download of ‘Oor’ & all previous thank you gifts

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$210+: reserved VIP seats for yourself and another to all self-produced TAK events this season & all previous thank you gifts

$490+: receive downloads of all three TAK albums & our forthcoming recording of Taylor Brook’s new work & all previous thank you gifts

$700+: co-commission one new work in our coming season & receive all previous thank you gifts


$1400+: commission one new work in our coming season & receive all previous thank you gifts



What are Tokens of Affection? Each member of TAK has made a special digital gift to say thanks for your support. In claiming your thank-you gift, you can select with one(s) you’d like, or contribute enough to get all of them. The more you contribute, the more tokens of affection we’ll send; if you contribute $140 or more we’ll send you a customized token of affection.

We’ll send you a quick questionnaire after you donate for you to select your token/s of preference!


How could you possibly pick which token to receive? Take the quiz to find out which TAK member you most resonate with - their token of affection might be the right one for you. Or, just take the quiz for fun and share it with your friends!


Curious About These New Pieces?

• 1. Empty Church of Plenty by Brandon Lopez  •

An epic 50-minute tour de force of intense candor, mixing improvised and rote elements with notated arenas

• 2. at midnight i walked into the middle of the desert by Bethany Younge •

Builds shifting landscapes of false memory, abstract terrain, and unknown potentials through text and constructed performed objects

• 3. Interbeing by Eric Wubbels •

An exploration in flexibility, community, and the sculpture of performing bodies, Interbeing is a performed installation and can, at times, feature home-cooked meals

• 4. Star Maker Fragments by Taylor Brook •

An album/concert piece hybrid setting excerpts of Olaf Stapledon's 1937 novel, Star Maker, exploring the themes of human conflict, environmentalism, political structures, and oligarchy through a pacifist science fiction lens.

• 5. DM R

Blending Colombian folk music, pop, and electro-acoustic music, Rodriguez’s new work will function as an EP

• 6. Julien Malaussena •

Visceral sound worlds of captivating energetic patchworks and seemingly extra-terrestrial landscapes invent the perplexing languages of Malaussena’s work

• 7. Bloom by Michelle Lou •

In homage to artist Fred Sandback, Bloom builds Sandbackian structures between performers’ resonating bodies

We want to be as transparent as possible about where your generosity is going and how it’s getting used. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at Contact@TAKensemble.com!

Some FAQs to put out there right away:

Q: Why are we hosting this fundraiser on our own platform instead of the classic fundraising sites?

A: There are two main reasons! Firstly, we wanted to make sure that as much of your support as possible can go directly toward these beautiful projects! A lot of the classic fundraising sites take a little cut to help keep their operations up and going; in our case, we already give a little bit to our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, who helps us to make your donation tax deductible! Secondly, we like making our own weird imagery!

Q: When can I see the premieres of these pieces I’m helping bring about!?

A: We’re so super excited to share these pieces and really hope you can make it to at least one of the concerts (or all of them!)! The new works from Bethany Younge and Brandon Lopez will be premiered December 13th in upper Manhattan; those of Taylor Brook and Eric Wubbels will be premiered on May 6th at the DiMenna Center; and those of DM R , Julien Malaussena, and Michelle Lou will be premiered on June 6th also at Ye Olde DiMenna Center! (Pro-tip: A donation of $210 or more gets you and a friend VIP seats at these shows!)

Q: What other funding sources are going in to making these super-stunning works come to life!?

A: Our amazingly generous and immensely wonderful funders include: The Fritz Reiner Fund, The Alice M. Ditson Fund, The Copland Fund, and The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Creative Engagement and UMEZ grants. Thank you, granting bodies!! <3

Q: When does your fundraiser wrap up?

A: Jury’s out on that one! Maybe some time in November? We’d rather make sure that everyone who wants to help support these projects has the time and opportunity to do so—that’s more exciting to us than the deadline!