A concert/installation by Eric Wubbels


In interbeing, the five musicians of TAK enact a slow-moving, ritualized progression through a series of 'formations' which visually, acoustically, and theatrically manifest concrete images of connectedness and mutual interdependence. 

The music-making is communal and without hierarchy.

Musical structures arise through the overlapping and interference between individual contributions.

The sound field is in a constant flux. 

We leave behind the limitations of our separate identities, fusing into one social and sonic unit.

interbeing is 40-minutes long and seeks to build an art of community, interpersonal relation, and forward motion.




Eric Wubbels (b.1980) is a composer and pianist, based in New York since 2003. 
His music has been performed throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the U.S., by groups such as Wet Ink Ensemble, 
yarn|wire, SCENATET (DK), Splinter Reeds, Kupka's Piano (AUS), Mivos Quartet, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and featured on festivals including Huddersfield Festival, Chicago Symphony MusicNOW, New York Philharmonic CONTACT, MATA Festival (2012, 2017, 2018), and Zurich Tage für Neue Musik.

As a performer, he has given U.S. and world premieres of works by major figures such as Peter Ablinger, Richard Barrett, Beat Furrer, George Lewis, and Mathias Spahlinger, as well as vital young artists such as Rick Burkhardt, Francesco Filidei, Erin Gee, Bryn Harrison, Clara Iannotta, Alex Mincek, Sam Pluta, Katharina Rosenberger, and Kate Soper.

He has recorded for Carrier Records, hatART, Spektral (Vienna), New Focus, Albany Records, and Quiet Design and has held teaching positions at Amherst College and Oberlin Conservatory.


interbeing will be premiered in the late spring of 2019

In september 2017, TAK and Eric Wubbels spent the weekend in 

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*** something about the sound world***

In workshop with TAK and Eric Wubbles

In workshop with TAK and Eric Wubbles

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