Lost at Sea



Release 9/21/19 / TAK editions

A riveting four-volume work spanning the virtuosic and deeply curious performative and compositional capacities of the six members of Ensemble Pamplemousse


As a six-piece performer/composer collective, the first two volumes represents two works of each member of Ensemble Pamplemousse. While each composition and each individual experiments with different aspects of building worlds and creating works, the collective has a shared interest in locating a network of boundaries and playfully exploring them. Creating together for over a decade, the close-knit and artistically divergent Ensemble Pamplemousse delivers a deep love for the exquisite and the absurd. 

Lost at Sea represents a culmination of the collective’s shared aesthetic



Volumes I and II features compositions by the musicians of Pamplemousse from 2017-2019 that have enjoyed notable performances across the Americas and Europe; many of these works include integral visual components. With videos incorporated in several of the tracks in this volume, these first two volumes builds the opportunity to transport oneself to a riveting and perplexing performance characteristic of Pamplemousse’s multi-modal virtuosity.

Volume III is INVISIBLE and exists only in spirit

Volume IV presents an hour-long vocalized meditative masterwork, born out of various impressions of meditation music and experiments with slow-media and endurance.

• • •



Video for Bryan Jacob’s Ation can be found here.


4. Vol. I [2018-19] The God Fearing Woodsman : Natacha Diels // VIDEO WILL BE AVAILABLE 9/21







is invisible

and exists only in spirit





Artist: Ensemble Pamplemousse   /   Album: Lost at Sea

Format: Digital   /   Release:  September 21, 2019 

Label: TAK editions   /   Cat. No.: TAKe002

Label Code: S21-683   /   UPC:  096962289683


Full Track Listing:

1. Vol. I [2018-19] for melodicas : Weston Olencki

2. Vol. I [2018-19] Ation : Bryan Jacobs 

3. Vol. I [2018-19] Hymn on a Bruce Hornsby Theme : Andrew Greenwald

4. Vol. I [2018-19] The God Fearing Woodsman : Natacha Diels 

5. Vol. I [2018-19] Exodus 3-4 : David Broome

6. Vol. I [2018-19] re-mappings i : Jessie Marino

7. Vol. II [2017] Light breaks : David Broome

8. Vol. II [2017] Crat : Bryan Jacobs

9. Vol. II [2017] A Thing Made Whole III : Andrew Greenwald

10. Vol. II [2017] throw me to you and back again : Jessie Marino

11. Vol. II [2017] bent : Weston Olencki video

12. Vol. II [2017] Excellent Good Beautiful : Natacha Diels

Vol. III

13. Vol. IV: Meditation by the Seaside I video


About Ensemble Pamplemousse

Composer/performer collective Ensemble Pamplemousse was founded in 2003 to provide a focal point for like-minded creators with a thirst for sonic exploration. The ensemble is a close-knit group of divergent artistic personalities, emergent from training in disparate musical fields. Their collective love for the exquisite in all sonic realms leads the ensemble to persistently discover new vistas of sound at the frayed edges of dissective instrumental performance technique. Compositions aggregate each member's unique virtuosic talents into extraordinary magical moments. In the flexible moments of performance, the ensemble weaves together shapes of resonance, clusters of glitch, skitters of hyper action, and masses of absurdity into impeccable structures of unified beauty.

Selected Praise for Ensemble Pamplemousse: 

" The absurd dances with the sublime, and playfulness collides with rigor. "

- Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

 "I was hooked throughout piece right from the get go, but in a way that I did not see coming at all...treading this new ground with such a strong compilation such as this was a privilege. Each member of the group brings their own unique strengths, colors, talents, and voices to this compelling video album." 

- Jay Derderian, I Care if you Listen

"Traditional features of musical excellence – virtuosic control, technical security and generous invitation into aesthetic engagement – were partnered with teetering weirdness of instrument and sound...every once in a while, particular noises evoked familiar phenomena such as bird songs or train whistles so compellingly that listening became simultaneously an exercise in memory and imagination. The musically intense project of the piece – the contemplation of something organic gradually created from scattered inorganic elements – presented a constant challenge to listeners to negotiate the familiar, the unknown and their relationships to each other." 

- Jean Ballard Terepka, Theater Scene