1850 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10031

the U.S. Premiere of Ashkan Behzadi's 45-minute song cycle



Based on texts by Federico García Lorca, and brilliantly embodies the mix of influences so apparent in Lorca’s lyrical poetry: Andalusian flamenco, African American spirituals, Roma folklore, and modern surrealism. 

Seeking at once to pose the possibility of lyrical interactions between voice and instrument and to promise an invitation to embody a migratory experience, Ashkan Behzadi’s epic song-cycle, Love, Crystal and Stone finds its inspiration in the poetry and politic of Federico García Lorca. Drawing its text from the dynamic structure García Lorca’s poetics and honoring the rich mix of influences in his writing, Behzadi brilliantly embodies the lush textures of García Lorca’s textual landscapes.