New Music USA Impact Fund Final Report

If we could delay the writing of this final report until the last minute, we absolutely would (and did)

because it’s too much fun to be part of the impact fund—to send in the document that will mark our last year of being in the cohort. 

Also, because we’re all in different places all summer and the wish to make something beautiful and creative is strong, but sadly would require so many buckets of time to do all remotely that we’re here resigned to writing 

a sad blog post about how much we’ve enjoyed our year and how much we’ll miss being a part of the impact fund cohort. 

so, here, with tears, we go: 




in TAK’s 2017-2018 season we welcomed Carlos Cordeiro to the fray as our dear Liam moved back home to Australia. We embarked on a tour of Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto in a ten-day tour as his inaugural gig as a full-time member of TAK. In Canada, we played a new hour-long song cycle by Ashkan Behzadi at the Music Gallery, performed two new works by composers from Ottawa at the Ottawa New Music Composers, read through four world premieres at McGill by student composers, and gave four more world premieres at La Sala Rossa as part of a collaborative commissioning project with Architek percussion for works for the combined instrumentation of TAK and Architek. 


In January TAK gave four U.S. premieres of works by Icelandic composers collective, Errata at Scandinavia House in New York. These works were developed workshopped and premiered in Iceland with Errata in the summer of 2016 and it was a joy to bring them to our States-based audience. 

Our Spring included the release celebration for Mario Diaz de Leon’s Sanctuary at Roulette. The album was released on Denovali Records and was recommended by the New York Times and I Care if You Listen, who said “Diaz de Leon could scarcely ask for a more faithful set of collaborators than the TAK Ensemble.” 


Following the release of Sanctuary we spent a week working with Qubit for their project 21st Century Sound Stories which presented three world premiere works composed by Aaron Einbond, David Bird, Alec Hall, and directed by Joshua Gelb. The works melded together theater and new music. The event was recommended by the New Yorker magazine and was standing room only. 


The following week, TAK celebrated our fifth anniversary with a party at University Settlement—we had cake and decorations and projections and performed works by Marina Kifferstein, Tyshawn Sorey, David Bird, Ashkan Behzadi, and Natacha Diels. 

At the end of the season, we spent two days at Oktaven, recording half of our upcoming album. The next half will be recorded in September and will be released in 2019. 

TAK_Group1217 copy.jpg

As we head into the summer, we’re excited to be for what the coming season will bring: performances at the Library of Congress, Cluster Festival, Look and Listen Festival; residencies at Stanford University, Cornell University, Saint Cloud State University, Boston University, and Delian Academy; releasing a recording of works by Natacha Diels, Tyshawn Sorey, Ann Cleare, Ashkan Behzadi, and David Bird; and commissioning works from Michelle Lou, Julien Malaussena, Eric Wubbels, and Jessie Marino. 


We are so grateful for all of the ways this activity was supported by the Impact Fund. We will miss you all <3!